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HACKING THE SALVAGE | Empyrion Galactic Survival | Alpha 9 | Part 8 2019

Let me know what your experience with the minefield is, did you have the same problems?

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  • I'm not using volume on, but what I've noticed a lot of youtubers never think of when playing this game and looting is to stick things in the ammo container and even the fridge when their regular cargo is full.

    Honestly after seeing how big a chore and PITA having volumes on is I really hope it's simply made an option in the menu as it sort of makes it "Inventory Management – The Game." Now keep in mind that for years I ran 4 accounts simultaniously on Eve Online so I could mine somewhat efficiently, but I still think this is a bit crazy, as it sits, although I assume it's going to be severly tweaked, or at least always be optional, otherwise no one but maybe a few YouTubers and streamers will play it anymore.

  • The whole volume and weight system is one of the reasons I haven't played since A9 dropped. It's ridiculous in a game like this. You can build GARGANTUAN mega ships and space stations, but good luck doing it if you can't carry the shit you need to do it.

  • Players think that plastic is cheap but actually Iron Copper and Silicon are cheaper. Just mine the ground where you stand or salvage the hull of those anything captured and make your CV tougher next time.

  • Shooting Zirax anywhere or spiders in the blue Polaris territory will get your relationship with Polaris to 'friendly' and then 'honored' status.
    That amount of goodwill banked  will let you open and loot some of their crates before the relationship erodes again as you abuse them.
    I got myself a nice red whoop ass rifle that way.
    It might (?) also let you access the ships wrecks in orbit the same way? … just saying
    Oh yes …DONT shoot at Zirax looking soldiers patrolling Polaris buildings … all Polaris plasma turrets will shoot at you at the same time :o(

  • You first have to build a SV with warp drive, to get sathium and neodymium on another planet, next to the starter planet. I think they did it on purpose that you can not salvage the vessels 🙂

  • This is why you need a stiff drink and then some. I loved 8. something. Now with the new system, It just blows me away! Love your videos. My son loves it, I Guess with having strokes I just am not up to it. However, I love watching you. From an Old friend peace and love to your whole family. Oh yeah, my son all them Ship have no cors in them.

  • The more episodes I watch the less I like Alpha 9. They said the Logistics system would make organization easier, it didn't, they said the weights and volumes system would make it more realistic, it didn't. We have smaller modern vehicles that can carry more than these future vehicles.

  • Hey ,Spanj. If the same problem exists with the other ships being bugged as well, just hack them like you did this one. This bad coding looks to me like they hired a temp to fill in for a time, and this person had zero idea what it was doing.

  • Well done, Spanj: Nice work-around. Here's a conundrum… The Robinson Protocol sends you out to the ship graveyard to "take possession" of the broken SV. It belongs to Polaris, so you loose rep points for touching it. Then you lose rep points for putting in your own core and taking it. This game is teaching us to screw everybody.

  • Alpha 9.0.0 [build 2076] POI updates:
    – Removed core from crashed shipsIf you started this savefile from the 9 experimental timeframe, that could be my only current thought process why you had a weird moment there on the space ship.

  • Oh man, if i wanted to spend all my time playing with volume, weight, and the effecient transport of stuffs, I'd either work for UPS or open a moving company. I shut off weights and volumes long time ago. I luv the concept, hat the implementation. Anything that increases grind in EGS = bad. Logisitcs changes, factions, everything else is wonderful.

    BTW if you turn on the link you can place the cores in your yellow quick bar and place the core from your ship's inventory…silly.

  • Interest ing dilemma ..well solved ( despite dodgy mechanics from Eleon )
    I solved a similar issue by mounting a temporary Cargo Controller and a few conformal Extensions on the exterior of my SV..but I tend to overbuukd my down thrust on my builds anyway..si the extra weight wasn't an issue.
    Love the Short Haulers design. I just finished a CV for the same purpose .But I put an HV deck in it for carrying around miners and such. Need that mobile storage to strip mine all the ores too ☺

  • Spanj, I'm always impressed by your flying abilities. Whenever I end up attacking a POI I usually end up upside down, on the ground….blown to hell.

    You can get your rep up to Honored with Polaris and Talon just by kicking the crap out of the Zirax. Also, this RP system sucks.

  • @spanj the minefield has a control station in it you need to take over. It's actually a mission I think. You will go through the derelict ship and at the end of it you will find a portal that takes you to the minefield control station. Destroy the core and the minefield is open to looting. Now stop cheating your playthroughs. Lol

  • For Polaris, just kill a lot of Zirax until you get neutral then you can start their missions and repair relations. You'll be fine. You also get +50 RP every 5 mins while Hostile. When you point at a faction container, it will let you know if there will be a faction hit to look inside. Each time you open one, you go immediately down to neutral and take a -500 RP hit.

    For Neodidlium and Sathium, I modified the mighty Nightshade MK III for A9 and flew it around the planets until I found the neo and sath deposits to start harvesting for my CV. I also harvested whatever CV POIs I ran across to gain resources that way.

    To be sure, volumes still need balancing as some items take up crazy amounts of space.

  • As to the 'damaged windows', I've been seeing those in Alpha 8 builds as well… looks damaged, can't repair, and sometimes the damaged window appears in a new location.

    Most peculiar to be sure… :-/

  • Maybe 0.9 should still be experimental since many issues and bugs, seems rushed.
    Regarding faction reputation: Read carefully what gives +- and when (hope they put it in a table view so easier to grasp), then check out their missions. One way to level Zirax RP is to drive around in a motorbike and kill animals until can do missions. Preferable a place in their territory without drones until neutral. When friendly, then vessel can be used. In my main SP I am honored with all, with most missions done. So when finished exploiting their territories and trades, then the "war" begins.The last missions will wreck reputation with someone else, so I probably start removing Zirax.

  • You should be able to salvage at least the SV as it is mentioned in the story line that it has a working warp core. But, you would have to hack that as well the way it is currently set up. Nothing that I have seen about A9 really entices me to play it. I'm still hoping it will get sorted in a future patch.

  • I don't think your supposed to be able to salvage those ships anymore. (That's why they don't have cores and yet, are faction owned) I think your supposed to get your starting rare resources from the crazy amount of rare containers found almost everywhere now. I mean, why else would they put 8 containers per spire? If you think about it that means you don't need to spend hours grinding a ship down anymore. You can instead spend it exploring and looting. You also only really need a minimum of 16k storage to loot everything in multiple trips. I think your CV ship is probably too big for a starter CV in A9. The game seems to be balanced to force you to start off with smaller vessels and then slowly upgrade them to the fancier ones as you find more stuff. It seems like in A8 I would always just wait another 30min-1hr or so until I got enough to get the ship I really wanted. And you can't do that anymore, you have to build up to it. I like that idea personally.